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Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds are sacred to Lord Haern, the Hunter, accessed by kneeling before the cairn stones that are dotted throughout the wilds of Sapience. Inhabited by beasts and other adventurers alike, it is a place for bloodshed and assertion of dominance as the top hunter, as only they will reap the rewards the Grounds have to offer. A variety exist and have been known to aid those in search of ylem and leylines in a myriad of ways. These ancient artifacts are impossible to give away
or take save by death, making all who bear them open to combat and death at any moment.



Every in-game year, on the 10th of Variach and the 10th of Midsummer, the Orrery becomes active for roughly 40 hours, ending at midnight on the 20th of the same month.

Essence of Spirit or Shadow will periodically spawn in a radius around the Orrery. You must pick up the appropriate essence for your tether and then take it anywhere inside the Observatory area and INFUSE ORRERY WITH <essence>, which is a short channeled action. Doing this will influence the Orrery towards your tether and away from the opposite.

At Midnight every day during the active period, whichever tether holds alignment of the Orrery will gain an attunement point, and the Orrery will reset to neutral. When the Orrery locks on the 20th of
the month, whichever tether has obtained the most attunement points will gain control over the Orrery until its next active season.

Be warned, the essence is raw and volatile, and once you pick up the essence it'll begin dealing damage to its holder, increasing over time. Globes sitting on the ground longer than 5 minutes will respawn. If a globe is dropped on the ground after being held by a player, it will respawn within a minute.