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Neutral Classes


The newest addition to Aetolia's classes, the Wayfarers of Albedos traveled to the main continent to spread their methods of brutal warfare and keen-eyed tactics.

Skills: Tenacity | Wayfaring | Fury
Primary Weapon: Axes


Aetolia's monks are highly-physical masters of mind and body.

Guild: Sentaari of Duiran
Skills: Tekura | Kaido | Telepathy


Syssin are stealthy, effective killers who use a variety of venoms to disable their victims.

Guild: Syssin of Spinesreach
Skills: Assassination | Subterfuge | Hypnosis
Primary Weapons: Whip and Dirk


Unlike the skills of other classes, the Shapeshifter's mastery of primal instinct lies latent within him or her at all times. With a moment's notice, Shapeshifters can mutate into wolves, bears, boars, or crocodiles.

Skills: Shapeshifting | Ferality | Vocalizing
Primary Weapons: Claws or tusks

Spirit Classes


Spiritual monks driven by piety, Zealots subsume personal will in the face of Divine light.

Guild: Illuminai of Enorian
 Tekura | Illumination | Telepathy
Primary Weapon: Axes


Luminaries are true warrior priests, channeling faith to strike down those who would oppose them.

Guild: Illuminai of Enorian
Skills: Spirituality | Devotion | Illumination
Primary Weapon: Mace


Traditional knights through and through, Templars crusade on behalf of their beloved Divine.

Guild: Templars of Enorian
Skills: Battlefury | Righteousness | Bladefire
Primary Weapons: Large swords


As the Spiritual mages of Sapience, Ascendril use the elements and the natural vibrations of the planet to maintain balance and order.

Guild: Ascendril of Enorian
Skills: Elemancy | Crystalism | Enchantment
Primary Weapon: Elemental Staff


Behind every warrior of nature is a Shaman. As priests of the wilds, Shamans are sworn to protect the Rhythm that powers our world and maintains balance.

Guild: Shamans of Duiran
 Primality | Shamanism | Naturalism
Primary Weapon: Quarterstaff


Sentinels are steadfast protectors of nature. Equal parts outrider and warden, they use physical force, improvised traps, and natural resins to inflict serious harm.

Guild: Sentinels of Duiran
Dhuriv | Woodlore | Tracking
Primary Weapons: Dhurive

Shadow Classes


Praenomen is the fighting style of Aetolia's Vampires. While the sanguine forces of Bloodloch can hold any Shadow-aligned class, their instinctive fighting style uses equal measures Blood and Brawn to overpower their foes.

Vampires join the Imperial Dominion of Bloodloch, which transcends and complements guild membership.

Skills: Corpus | Mentis | Sanguis


Indorani are true Demon masters. After forging pacts with each Demon Lord, Indorani may call upon those Lords to send manifestations of their power into battle.

Guild: Indorani of Bloodloch
Skills: Necromancy | Tarot | Domination


Teradrim are undead earthmages who use the soil and sand beneath them in protection and worship of the Pillars that support reality. When club and rocky form fail, Teradrim create unnatural golems to fight beside them.

Guild: Teradrim of Bloodloch
Skills: Terramancy | Desiccation | Animation
Primary Weapons: Flail


Brutality incarnate, Carnifex drain their enemies' very souls to use against them. With sword in hand and a vicious warhound they've bred and trained, a Carnifex is nearly unstoppable in a match of physical strength.

Guild: Carnifex of Bloodloch
Skills: Savagery | Deathlore | Warhounds
Primary Weapon: Large swords


The Archivists are a group of Numerologists who were founded upon the 1st of Lanosian, year 464 MA.Comprised primarily of former Cabalists and other Spirean loyalists, the guild's foundational duty is the collection and safekeeping of relics and forbidden knowledge, for the greater good of the Republic of Spinesreach.

 Geometrics | Numerology | Biometrics


The manifestation of darkness itself among Aetolia's mages, Sciomancers use raw Shadow magic to obliterate their adversaries.

Guild: Sciomancers of Spinesreach
Sciomancy | Crystalism | Conjuring
Primary Weapon: Elemental Staff